Used Freightliner Semi-Trucks for Sale

Freightliner is the most popular trucking brand in the United States taking up over one-third of the market. They are known for their innovation, reliability and outstanding Real Cost of Ownership. Freightliner trucks also hold their value well compared to other brands. Our inventory of Freightliner Cascadia tandem-axle sleepers have been well-maintained. At Pedigree, we maintain and hold the full maintenance history of every used heavy-duty Freightliner semi-truck we sell, so there’s no worry when we turn the keys over to you. Browse our large selection of used Freightliner semi-trucks for sale below.

The Freightliner Advantage

Freightliner trucks are known for being reliable and innovative. Over 190,000 Freightliners are sold every year. They are trusted by trucking companies across North America to get the job done with the most uptime possible. Freightliner puts all of its trucks to the test in different conditions to ensure reliability in adverse conditions. Freightliners also have advanced connectivity allowing the driver and crew to see full data directly from the truck. This takes out any guesswork for repairs and maintenance, reducing the truck’s time off of the road.

2016 Freightliner Cascadia Tandem Axle Sleeper #24651
Stock #PED050
Pittston, PA
EngineCummins ISX (450hp)
TransEaton-Fuller 10 Spd Manual

Freightliner Cascadia Evolution

The Freightliner Cascadia Evolution is, as the name implies, an evolution on one of the most popular trucks in America. The Cascadia Evo is designed to be durable, fuel-efficient and safe. Its Detroit Powertrain system integrates the engine, transmission, and axels to deliver an incredible experience for the driver and helps keep the truck on the road longer.

The interior of the Cascadia Evo is designed to keep the driver comfortable. There is reduced road and wind noise in the cab to lower stress and fatigue on the driver. Day trucks and sleeper trucks are available for purchase. Both are designed with the driver’s comfort in mind.


Freightliners are built to take every bump in the road with ease. Their trucks are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they can take any obstacles that may come your way, like adverse weather conditions or poor road maintenance. Manufactured with robotics and laser precision, these trucks are made to be consistent in every setting.

Fuel Efficiency

Freightliners are known for their great fuel economy. The Cascadia Evo is designed to be incredibly light and aerodynamic to reduce the load on the engine. Aerodynamics were greatly improved upon with additions such as sealing the bumper-to-hood gap, adding air-foil-shaped mirror shells and side extenders to shrink the gap between the cab and trailer.


Driver safety should always be a top priority for your fleet. Freightliner trucks come with a bevy of features to keep your most important asset protected, your driver. A few of the safety features included with the Cascadia Evo are an ergonomic cab layout with easily readable gauges and a Driver Message Center that helps keep drivers focused on the road ahead.
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